Thursday, December 12, 2013

Tambuwal’s corruption crusade

The statement credited to the Speaker of the House of Representatives
is a bitter truth, but we should not join his school of thought to
believe that it is only in the executive where there is political
conspiracy among the three arms of government in the country to
mortgage the future of Nigerians. It is a conspiracy of the three arms
of government. The legislature should not only condemn the utterances,
but let them sponsor a bill that will give autonomy to anti-graft
agencies in terms of finance and selection of who heads the agencies.
No legislature is sincere to sponsor a bill to curtail corruption,
rather it will not see light of d day. The question of outrageous
salaries and scandalous allowances raised by Lamido Sanusi and Oby
Ezekwesili is unanswerable till today. Corruption is a conspiracy on
the part of the three arms of government to inflict poverty on

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