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EXPOSED: Jonathan Is Last PDP President –Primate Ayodele

Primate Elijah Babatunde Ayodele, founder and spiritual head of INRI
Evangelical Spiritual Church located at Oke-Afa, Isolo Lagos, is one
man of God whose predictions have always been dogged by controversies.
But convinced about the inspiration for his annual predictions,
Primate Ayodele brushes off the disbelief of those who doubt his
pronouncements as many of the predictions came to pass.
With the country sitting on the threshold of 2014, Sunday Sun sought
audience with him on what to expect in the coming year. Looking into
the future, he declared that the PDP would never regain the presidency
after the tenure of President Goodluck Jonathan.
He also implored Nigerians to pray against the break up of the
country. See all the details below…
Many of the predictions you made in January 2013 had come to pass. One
of them was the outbreak of cholera in some parts of this country. Now
2014 is close by. What should Nigeria, Nigerians and the entire world
hope for?
Before now, I have said it that Obasanjo and Jonathan will fight and
that one had come to pass. Now 2015, but let us take it from 2014,
Jonathan will want to make some amendments by negotiating with
different interest groups. Part of the negotiation will be the removal
of the Peoples Democratic Party's Chairman, Alhaji Bamanga Tukur.
There is going to be gang up against Jonathan. People will want to
remove him. Part of the negotiation Jonathan will want to enter into
will be the post of the vice president, secretary to the government of
the federation. The founding fathers of the PDP will want to come
together to save the party. Jonathan will concede some to have his way
for his second term ambition.
If Jonathan has his way, the second term will be a great setback for
this country. Jonathan needs to pray because of his health and that of
his wife.
On the five governors that defected to All Progressives Congress
(APC), two or three of them will still go back to PDP. Some other PDP
governors are still planning to move to the APC. Go and mark my words,
APC too will still experience crisis. What will cause APC crisis is
power tussle and self interest.
I want Nigerians to know that God said I should inform them that
Jonathan is the last PDP president that will rule this country. I have
said it on several occasions that we need to pray so that this country
will not disintegrate into fragments. I don't know how soon it will
be, but I foresee this country breaking up. The national dialogue or
conference being planned by the Jonathan government will not produce
any meaningful result. Go and mark my words this national conference
outcome will be dumped by this government and any government that
comes after Jonathan. This conference you see them setting up will
only serve as a foundation for a bigger national conference that is
coming in future.
We need to pray very well. All what we are seeing presently will lead
to a strong probe coming to aviation sector. Some people will mount
pressure on President Jonathan to remove Princess Stella Oduah,
Diezani Allison-Madueke and Arunma Otteh. This will be part of
negotiation Jonathan will enter into. There will be no improvement in
the stock market.
Before now I had predicted that All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA)
would retain Anambra State. The governor-elect of Anambra State needs
to pray very well, because there will be court action against his
election that may threaten his smooth running of the state. This
coming year, I foresee a lot of crisis coming up in Rivers, Delta,
Nasarawa, Gombe, Yobe, Kano, Sokoto, Borno and Plateau states. There
is going to be ethnic crisis in Delta State. We need to pray against
ocean surge in Lagos State. In 2015, an unknown man will emerge as the
governor of Lagos State.
Fashola and Tinubu should pray against quarrel between the two of
them. I foresee quarrel coming up between them to the extent that it
will cause some members of APC breaking away to join PDP in Lagos. Let
us pray for Osun, Oyo and Lagos states, so that we will not witness
death among royal fathers. Olofa of Offa town in Kwara State needs to
pray very well so that he can return to his stool. Those that ganged
up against him will be exposed. Boko Haram is in its last lap, but we
need to pray so that God will weaken them more. Nobody will be able to
capture Shekau, the leader of Boko Haram sect; Government will only
end up killing him. Nigeria needs to pray against more deadly attacks
from Boko Haram.
ASUU needs prayer so that government will not infiltrate them that may
lead to the union breaking up into fragments. The last is not yet
heard about strike, as Nigeria Labour Congress and doctors will still
go on strike. NUT will table some demands before the Federal
Government, which will lead to NUT wanting to go on strike. Let us
pray against boat mishap in Lagos State. Many things will still be
exposed as regards the oil subsidy saga in Nigeria. Jonathan
government will not be able to manage corruption crisis in Nigeria,
because corruption will get to its highest peak during Jonathan's
administration. Economic and Financial Crimes Commission will not
achieve anything, because the corruption is bigger than what EFCC can
Let us pray very well for God to avert death among the Nollywood
actors and actresses, both Yoruba and English genres. Let us pray
against problem among Fuji musicians. We need to pray for guidance for
both print and electronic journalists. God is planning to bless
Nigeria with natural resources that we've not seen before in this
country. We are going to witness reforms in the Governors' Forum. Let
us pray against problems in our airports, especially Abuja and Lagos
airports. A big probe is coming to FAAN and NCAA. Let us pray against
the menace of pirates on our sea coastlines. African countries will
still want to have common currency. Nigeria will change its currency
in future. Our economy will not improve. Let us pray against rise in
the attack on our petroleum pipelines.
GTB, First Bank, WEMA and Sterling banks will retrench this coming
year. New banks coming up.
New telecommunication company still coming. Mainstream, Keystone banks
will have their names and managements changed in the nearest future.
Nigerian electricity will not be stable until 2015/2016. We need to
pray for Queen Elizabeth of England so that she will not lose someone
close to her. She should, as a matter of fact, pray for her husband.
Let us pray so that we don't lose an African president come next year.
Let us pray so that an African president will not face an ICC case
that may force him to want to resign. A minister will be jailed in
France as a result of corruption. Let us pray against cholera and
measles outbreak. We need to also pray against rise in hypertension
cases and eye problem. Aviation fuel price will rise this coming year.
New airlines are coming into the local sector of the aviation
We need to protect our airports against external attack. There will be
heavy importation of arms and ammunition through seaports in the
coming year. We need to pray to avert death in the Nigerian Army. Many
parastatal boards will be changed next year. Let us pray again against
plane crash. America and United Kingdom need prayer against external
attack. Israel needs prayer against attack. Syria crisis will soon be
resolved, but before the resolution, Syria will experience more
violence. Let us pray against coup d'état in any of the African
countries. We need to pray against crisis in Kenya, South Sudan and
Mauritius. Also Guinea Bissau will not be left out. The crisis in
Egypt will continue, but it will soon be resolved, as the military
will announce new date for election.
There is going to be a lot of revelations in NNPC to the extent that
it may lead to the removal of the Group Managing Director of the
company. Let us pray against crisis in the Central Bank of Nigeria.
We need to pray because God revealed to me that not all the senators
that begin the year will see the end of the year. Not all the members
of the House of Representatives that start the year will see the end.
There is going to be serious gang up against the Speaker of the House
of Representatives. Let us pray against increment in the prices of
foodstuffs. Let us pray against the death of a national leader in
2014. Our royal fathers need our collective prayers. I foresee
beautiful road networks coming in Nigeria. We also need to pray
against railway accident.

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