Friday, November 29, 2013

Delta Airline Passengers Took Off Clothes As Air Conditioning System Fail Onboard The Flight To Lagos

Passengers onboard a Delta Airline flight to Lagos, southwestern
Nigeria, emerged from the plane half nude on Friday night following a
hellish heat on the aircraft, witnesses said.
It was not clear what caused the air-conditioned system of America's
first class airline to collapse but witnesses described as hellish the
last minutes of the flight from New York to Lagos.
It was learnt that about six people collapsed under the terrible heat,
a source said.
"Passengers said the heat was unbearable. Many people removed their
clothes, men and women were naked," a source who saw and spoke to some
passengers said.
"The cooling system failed and the heat was terrible," the source said.
Many Nigerians prefer to travel with foreign airlines because of the
comfort and safety record, but the latest incident may leave many
passengers wary.
Meanwhile it was learnt that Ethiopian Airline flight to Nigeria's
south-eastern city of Enugu was canceled because there were only three
passengers onboard.
Nigeria's embattled minister of aviation, Stella Oduah, who is
enmeshed in a corruption scandal, designated Enugu airport as an
international airport this year, but many airlines find the Enugu
route not viable.

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