Tuesday, December 17, 2013

University student creates T Shirt that can resist any stain & is resistant to water (LOOK)

Forget Lekki's colourful water that over time compulsory dyes your
clothes a different colour. Forget clumsy moments and bad days when
stains are unavoidable. Even if you are just plain too lazy to wash, a
new invention is here to thee rescue.
University student Patel from San Franciscohas invented the Silic
shirt that can resist any spills and splashes including Coca-Cola,
tomato ketchup, mustard, milkshakes, beer, ink and even red wine.
According to reports , the clothing is made from polyester, which
has been infused with a combination of chemicals that make it
resistant to water but it feels exactly like a t shirt. After testing
his method, the business student created a page about the invention,
named Silic, on crowdfunding website Kickstarter .
The material in the Silic shirt has billions of silica particles
bonded to the fibres on a microscopic level.
This means they won't irritate the skin.
When water-based liquids hit the surface of this material they form a
150-degree sphere and roll off.
According to Patel's Kickstarter page, there are certain steps
wearers have to take to make sure the T-shirts stays waterproof.
These include not using fabric softener in a machine wash, no
bleaching or washing with colours and no ironing.
Patel also advises wearers not to dry clean the shirt.
To reactivate the water repellency, the T-shirt must also be put
through a tumble dryer on a low heat at least once every three

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