Saturday, December 14, 2013

Obasanjo Fires Again, Warns Jonathan: ‘Keep your reply, save Nigeria!’

As the Presidency prepares a reply to the 18-page letter written by
former President Olusegun Obasanjo to President Goodluck Jonathan on
the state of the nation, indications emerged, yesterday, that the
former leader was not expecting any reply but action from Jonathan.
A competent source told Sunday Vanguard that Obasanjo was more
interested in Jonathan addressing the core issues he raised in his
letter rather than getting a reply to his damning missive, entitled,
'Before it is too late'.
The source, which also denied any breakfast meeting between Obasanjo
and Jonathan in Nairobi, the capital of Kenya, said the story was made
up by those who tried to play down the importance of the former
leader's letter.
The source said,"The truth of the matter is that former President
Obasanjo is not expecting President Jonathan to reply him. Absolutely
no. The President did not consider it needful to respond to previous
letters privately written to him by the former head of state and he
does not expect any reply to this one.
"I can tell you that Obasanjo wrote the letter with the best
intentions for Jonathan and Nigeria and what he wants from the
President is courageous and timely actions to save Nigeria from the
brink. That's all.
"Obasanjo will be a happy Nigerian if appropriate steps are taken by
President Jonathan to address the burning issues of corruption and
other challenges that threaten to bring this country down.
"There is absolutely no reason to expect a reply from the Presidency
when previous letters written to him were not even acknowledged."
It was however learnt, at the weekend, that presidential aides have
drafted a response to Obasanjo's letter.
The response was said to be awaiting Jonathan's approval.
Asked to justify the breakfast parley between the former President and
Jonathan in Kenya on the day the bromide of Obasanjo's letter was
feasted on by the media, the source said there was no meeting between
the two leaders.
The source said that Obasanjo and Jonathan only met by chance and
exchanged pleasantries as they lodged in the same hotel in Nairobi.
Obasanjo stirred controversy when he wrote a letter to Jonathan
drawing his attention to myriad of issues capable of taking Nigeria to
the brink if not addressed.
But the Presidency fired back, describing the letter as inciting,
provocative and self-serving. Presidential spokesman, Reuben Abati,
who's issued a statement, indicated that Jonathan would make a formal
response but did not say when he would do so.

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