Thursday, December 5, 2013

Dear Lagos State Police, please find the men who did this to these women

Some of you may have seen the video. I refused to watch it until now
and to say that I am horrified by what I saw is an understatement. The
horrific incident appears to have happened in Lagos because one of the
women referenced 'Iyana Ejigbo' while being tortured.
In the video, several men beat, strip, and torture two women for
allegedly stealing pepper. Yes, grounded pepper. The horrible men
inserted pepper and stick into their vaginas. One of the women is even
a mother with children at home.
This is one of the most horrific acts I have ever seen perpetrated on
women. The men who did this must be brought to book. We can't keep
taking laws into our own hands, we are not animals. Dear Nigerian
Police, please do your job.

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