Saturday, November 16, 2013

SHOCKING: 42-Year-Old Serial defiler Nabbed For defiling 10-Year-Old Girl

A 42-year-old electrician identified as Taiwo Bakare has been arrested
by the Lagos State police for allegedly defiling a 10-year-old primary
school girl in his apartment.
According to report, the man specializes in defiling and sexually
harassing little girls at Igando area of the state.
It was gathered that Bakare lured the victim (name withheld) who
resides in the same street from her mother's shop to his apartment
where he had canal knowledge of her. The little girl was said to have
felt excruciating pain after the s*xual intercourse and her mother who
wasn't at home when she was defiled later noticed what was happening
and asked her daughter who revealed the details of the r*pe.
Her mother then reported to the police at Igando who led by the
DivisionalPolice Officer, Ben Osuji, a Chief Superintendent of Police,
stormed Bakare's apartment in search of him and later found him after
a long search hiding inside a pit close to a canal beside his
Narrating the incident, the victim said, " I was in my mother's shop
when he came in and said he wanted to buy a can of milk, I told him
the price and gave him one can and demanded for my money and he
refused to pay me. All my pleas for him to pay me fell on deaf ears.
Rather, he insisted that he was going to go away with the milk and I
After a hot argument, he said he has some money in his house and I
should follow him to get my money. On getting to his house, I stood by
his door and he asked me to come inside but I refused. Then, he went
inside and acted as if he was getting my money but when he came out,
he stretched his hand and gripped my mouth and prevented me from
screaming. He threw me on his bed and pulled off my pants before he
started having canal knowledge of me. I screamed but no one came in to
help me. I told my mother about it when I got home."
However Bakare denied having s*x with the little girl.
According to him, he attempted having s*x with her but his man-hood
cold not enter her v**ina because it was tight, so he rubbed oil on
her laps and inserted his man-hood in between her laps.
Some residents of the area described Bakare as a serial defiler who
specialized in defiling little girls. They also said many other
parents had refused reporting their case to the police when their
wards were defiled by him for fear of stigmatization.

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