Wednesday, November 27, 2013

No decent man can remain in PDP –Nyako

Governor Murtala Nyako of Adamawa State yesterday declared that no
decent politician that is passionate about the growth of Nigeria's
democracy can maintain membership of the Peoples Democratic Party
(PDP) .
Governor Nyako told newsmen at Yola International Airport, on
returning from Abuja, that unless Nigerians rise to checkmate the
excesses of the PDP, the country would be plunged into ethnic and
religious war.
He said: "The PDP seems to have no clue about what it is supposed to
be doing at all. It has reduced politics to personal quarrel,
blackmails and cheating and no decent man can remain in the party as
its antics may lead the country to civil war.
"It is established in history that whenever the reign of impunity
prevails in a polity, anarchy will be the order of the day as it has
been attested by even the president, who acceded that the current
spate of insurgency rocking the country is a function of lawlessness
and impunity.
"The crises in the state chapters of the PDP was a fallout of the
unjust dissolution of the state executive by the national chairman of
the party for selfish reasons and all efforts to get the issue
regularised proved abortive as the national chairman in his quest to
foist anarchy refused to heed to the clarion call of well meaning
Nigerians to rescind his decision.
"Many well meaning individuals have called on the national chairman to
rescind his action and reinstate the state executive, but he
vehemently refused to do so. On our part, we have written letters and
articles to get the injustice redressed to no avail as the national
chairman was hell bent in achieving his odious aim."

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