Saturday, November 9, 2013

Kakanfo lights up Ibadan night life with casino

Kakanfo Inn, a popular hospitality and recreational outfit based in
Ibadan, has added casino to its range of services. The casino was open
for operations on Friday night.
Our correspondent, who witnessed the opening ceremony, observed that
the casino became an instant attraction, as players, including
foreigners, took turns to savour the facilities displayed.
The Manager of the casino, Oscar Oforijima, who began his career in
the business at Continental Casino in Ikeja 10 years ago, said the
agreement to start the gaming floor at Kakanfo Inn was meant to add
quality to night life in Ibadan and neighbouring towns.
"We have a nice agreement with Kakanfo that will improve on the
quality of night life in Ibadan. The casino is still young but we have
quality equipment to satisfy the players. We are just starting and
this is the first time a casino will be opened here. We are positive
that more people will know about its existence and come in to play,"
he said.
Oforijima added that being a unique fun activity, casino was a special
feature of every big hotel around the world.
"It is not common to all hotels because it involves special set of
people who love to relax in the atmosphere that it brings."
The manager promised adequate security for players, saying, "There is
arrangement for security in the vicinity of this hotel. After 10
o'clock, movement from Ring Road area is restricted. You cannot just
come in here without identifying yourself and your mission in the
hotel. If someone is coming to the casino, the security men will call
me for identification of the person. Casino players do not like
publicity because of public perception. Here, we have put in place
every measure to protect them," he said.
He added, "The casino closes at 1 am on weekdays and 2 am on
Saturdays. With the kind of atmosphere we have here, I am sure that
more people will come," he added.
Our correspondent observed that Kakanfo casino was furnished with
imported equipment like the roulette wheels, gaming tables, chips and

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