Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Gynaecologist To Go To Jail For Taking Photos Of Patients With Hidden Camera For His S*xual Pleasure

A court sentenced a German gynaecologist on Monday to three-and-a-half
years in prison for over 1,400 counts of gross invasion of privacy. He
took more than 35,000 photos of his patients using a secret camera
hidden in a drawer. The Rhineland-Palatinate state court also found
the 58-year-old doctor guilty of three counts of séxual abuse through
misusing his position of trust. He was accused of conducting vaginal
examinations for his own séxual arousal rather than for medical
Prosecutors working on the case, the first of its kind in Germany,
pushed initially for a four-year sentence. But the judge decided on
three-and-a-half years. His behaviour came to light only in 2011 after
the doctor's medical assistants became suspicious, noticing that he
always opened and closed a drawer before a patient came into his
examination room.
The drawer was not normally used for anything and was usually empty
when the assistants looked inside, until one day one of them found a
digital camera inside. "That really shocked us," one of the assistants
told the court back in September. She found a photo on the camera of a
patient in examination position on the gynaecological chair. This
prompted her to go to the police. Officers found 36,146 photos, as
well as 62 videos, the Welt newspaper reported in September. "I am
ashamed," the 58-year-old doctor told the court in Frankenthal near
Mannheim in Rhineland-Palatinate in September. He spoke of a dark side
to him, being unable to explain his actions over three years in any
other way.

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