Friday, November 22, 2013

Drivers of illegal tinted vehicles jail or N50,000 fine

Senate yesterday approved a legislation prescribing six months jail
for anyone caught driving vehicles with tinted glass illegal. The
offender may pay a N50,000 fine in lieu of imprisonment. This is
contained in the Bill for an Act to amend the Motor Vehicle
(Prohibition of tinted glass) Act aimed at checking indiscriminate use
of tinted glass.
The new legislation seeks essentially, "to amend the extant law in
order to check indiscriminate use of tinted glass vehicles which beat
security checks and carry out nefarious activities."
The amendment was done following the spate of reactions from Nigerians
on the recent announcement by the police of their intention to arrest
and prosecute those driving vehicles with tinted glass .
Senate acknowledged that the police were not trying to introduce a new
law, but was merely trying to enforce an already existing regulation
66 (2) of the National Traffic Regulations of 1997 and the Motor
Vehicles (Prohibition of tinted glass) Act.
The bill, among other provisions, requests buyers of imported vehicles
with tinted, shaded, coloured, darkened or treated glass to change
them to transparent ones within 14 days from the date of arrival in
Nigeria or date of purchase.
In the alternative, it demands that buyers of such vehicles should
request for a permit for the use of such tinted glass vehicles from
the Office of the Inspector-General of Police, anywhere in the
country, within 90 days of importing the vehicle.
It is also an offence for anyone to procure tinted glass on vehicles
brought into the country with transparent glass, otherwise than in
accordance of the provisions of the Act.
An individual who bought a tinted glass vehicle without changing it to
transparent glass within 14 days, according to the bill, shall be
liable to N2, 000 fine or be jailed for six months, or to both.
The bill also said that an individual who failed to seek registration
for permit shall upon conviction be liable to a fine of N50, 000 or to
a six-month imprisonment or both.Deputy Senate President, Ike
Ekweremadu, who chaired the session, commended his colleagues for
passing the bill, noting that tinted glass vehicles were constituting
security challenges and that their continued usage could cause
"We have done the right thing by passing the bill." Ekweremadu noted.

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