Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Clerics berate Oritsejafor for ‘political’ comment

Clergymen from the Niger Delta, led by Prophet Jones Erue, on
Wednesday, took on President of Christian Association of Nigeria,
Pastor Ayo Oritsejafor, for reportedly criticising clerics from the
area, for attempting to reconcile the G-7 governors with the Peoples
Democratic Party.
Writing under the aegis of Global Peace Relief Initiative, the clerics
in a statement signed by Erue, described Oritsejafor's statement as
political and laughable and accused the CAN President of getting
involved in politics of calumny and name dropping.
The statement read in part, "We are disappointed that a leader could
sit and watch his two children fight while the rest of us suffer only
to come and blackmail those who take their time to seek solutions to
the crisis."
The statement said no amount of blackmail or intimidation would deter
them from the noble mission of rescuing the country from imminent
It read, "It is surprising that Pastor Ayo Oritsejafor, the CAN
President, will handle issues of immense gravity and national
importance with levity and without discretion.
The first and easiest thing to know about a man is his name; it is a
pity that the CAN president does not know the name of the group of
clerics he is addressing nor their affiliates.
"Expecting him to have minimal knowledge on what they stand for, will
be tantamount to exerting too much pressure on his aging grey matter.
We are begging his aides and personal assistants to do their job well
and stop exposing this great man of God to disrepute."
"For the CAN president to say CAN is apolitical is laughable, as the
same president is involved in politics of calumny and name-dropping.
We want to place it on record that the bishops and clerics in this
body may not own private jets, but they are men of unquestionable
character, dependable leaders, and stewards of peace and holders of
reputable degrees."
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