Tuesday, November 12, 2013

24-yr-old man butchers mum, buries parts in shallow grave

The riverside town of Oloibiri in Ogbia Local Government Area of
Bayelsa State was thrown into mourning, Sunday, when a 24-year-old
man, identified as Godsgift, suspected to be mentally unstable,
butchered his mother and buried her remains in a shallow grave.
The deceased mother of four, aged 67, was identified as Mrs Rose Jonny.
It was gathered that the woman was killed in her sleep with a machete
by her son who dragged her butchered body through the window and
buried her in a shallow grave at the back of her house.
The tragic incident, according to a community source, occurred at
about 9.30 p.m.
Though the claim that the man is mentally unstable could not be
verified, he was said to have told the mother that she would not see
the next day.
According to a source: "At about 9.30pm, he was reported to have crept
into the mother's room and butchered her in her sleep.
"He took her bloodied body out of the room through the window and
dragged her to the back of the house where he dug a shallow grave,
dumped her body and covered it with sand."
It was learnt that neighbours became suspicious the next day due to
the unusual silence from the deceased's house.
According to sources, the suspicion was further fuelled when it was
discovered that her door was locked from inside and several knocks on
the door were not answered.
Another son of the deceased was reportedly summoned by neighbours and
they forced the door open, only to see the entire room splashed with
The neighbours and other children of the deceased were said to have
traced the blood stains to a shallow grave at the back of the house
where the body of the woman was found.
Contacted, the state Police Public Relations Officer, Mr. Alex
Akhigbe, confirmed the incident, saying the suspect has been arrested
and the case transferred from the Ogbia Police Station to the Criminal
Investigation Department (CID) for investigation.

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