Friday, October 18, 2013

Why Jega Must Be Sacked As INEC Chairman!

Professor Jega has supervised over some of the worst elections in
Nigerian history, particularly in our Delta state. The man has very
little asset, in fact more deficits and liabilities, in terms of
conscience, and he masterminded some of the worst electoral
manipulations and fraud that took place in the 2011 elections where
many Nigerian souls were needlessly lost in the name of Presidential
elections, particularly in the Northern parts of Nigeria where the
people resisted the daylight robbery by Jega, his corrupt INEC
officials up and down the country and the cancerous PDP, that
benefitted from all the 2011 charade, Jega called Elections!
Joe Igbokwe- Lagos APC spokesperson- was commenting on some of the
Nigerian-wide webgroups I belong, recently and he talked of 10 reasons
whyNgige( the APC gubernatorial candidate) would win the governorship
election of Anambra state, which in a fair election should be a very
correct prediction of the November 16th Anambra governorship election.
However he, or rather his new mega party, APC, don't seem to grasp yet
that the "axis of evil" party, the PDP never like fair contest, when
it comes to electoral battles, and use all state funded institutions
to "decimate" the opposition! They may not rig for themselves in
Anambra but they will aid and abet APGA to "win" just to punish APC
and deceive the world that thefearedAPC stood no chance in 2015
general election. APC officials must be prepared for all the
challenges of November 16th, 2013 in Anambra and beyond especially the
coming 2015 general elections, where PDP theatrics and rigging will be
much more violent and virulent!!
The APC leadership must have seen what happened in Delta Central
senatorial by-election, supposedly held last Saturday 12th October,
whereas Election results were written by PDP gangsters including
governor Uduaghan, Delta Assenmbly man Monday Igbuya, Commissioner
Akpeki and a few other mafians that predominate that evil party across
Delta state, since the night before, precisely Friday (11/10/2013)
night in Sapele?
Yes the PDP is scared stiff of the mega-party (APC) and they knew they
stood no chance against the formidable candidate APC
presented-Olorogun Otega Emerhor (OON ), so what did the vile PDP do
on Election Day proper? They recruited the ARMY & NAVY, then bribe
NYSC polling officers with such sums ( too much money to buy their
conscience) they cannot refuse, and the ballot box snatching and thumb
printing party-the PDP way was activated with enormous ferocity- the
way armed robbers operate, firing gun shots into the air, as they
disappear with their loot!
I saw some of the results PDP and their complicit in evil agents were
posting late Saturday night in some of the web groups I belong, and I
chuckled how dumb the mafians and their masters can be! They award
themselves 98% of the votes in about 90% of the polling booths, Wards
and local government, leaving the APC and DPP(represented by Chief Ede
Dafinone, also a very solid candidate) the two front running
opposition with less than 2% of the "Thumb printed" votes purportedly
cast by Delta Central electorates.
Only in Nigeria would a single party score 90-99% of votes cast in a
supposedly multi-party elections; not even in Cambodia, Timbuktu,
Afghanistan, or any other God forsaken country election do you see
such patterns of votes. You can't get that in a two-party state, never
mind multi-party Nigeria. Check every near flawless election, in
Ghana, Sierra Leone and even Mali recently, the margin of victory is
often less than 10% of the first opposition. It tells you how dumb,
mediocrely and no-brainers PDP buffoons rig and write election results
for corrupt INEC to read for gullible, but short-changed Nigerians.
APC and the opposition parties must now call for the dismissal of Prof
Jega. That man is a corrupt PDP man, inside and wears their skin
outside. This plonker has conducted 3 fake elections in Delta state,
starting with the the January 2011 governorship rerun election, and
later the April General elections, where chief Great Ogboru of DPP
trounced Uduaghan on both occasions in the Delta state gubernatorial
elections, but Jega-Jega's INEC called it for PDP's Uduaghan on both
ocassions. Now Jega-Jega, acting on instructions from above( the
presidency) has called another fake result in Delta Central senatorial
election. PDP stood no chance in last Saturday's election; it's either
APC ( Otega Emerhor) or DPP ( Ede DAFINONE) for the taking. I doubt if
PDP would have been able to take the third spot in a fair contest.
Some other fringe parties in the contest, like Labour Party and PPA
may have beaten them, if the contest was anything near free and fair
elections, that Jega has consistently denied the people of Delta state
since he assumed the helmsmanship of INEC.
You can now situate why the evil PDP members boast they will rule
Nigeria for 60 years, uninterrupted. Their game is to use INEC and the
security agencies to rig every election for themselves irrespective of
whom they present- black, white, yellow, green; or religious divide-
Muslim, Christian, Hindu or madman; or ethnic tribe- Ibo, Kanuri,
Itsekiri, Yoruba,Ukwuani, Efik or Hausa.
What they have just done in Delta Central is a foretaste of what they
plan to do in 2015. That election is going to be very violently rigged
by PDP, who are very scared of APC's formidable rising profile. They
know they stood no chance of beating APC in a general election come
2015, but they will still try! Knowing that the opposition APC, as an
equally mega party, with wider reach would resist and stand toe-to-toe
with them in every polling unit across Nigeria, they will resort to
harassment, bullying and outright violence- using the Army- real
and/or camouflage. Their agents will put on military and NYSC
uniforms, cart away the ballot boxes and go thumb print elsewhere. But
that may be the end of NIGERIA, because APC will fight them to a
standstill! It means the American prediction of "Bye-bye"Nigeria by
2015 may well come to pass! How dumb can Africans, particularly the
Nigerian version of it, to prove the Americans right, even with s
20-year per-event warning. Black man, particularly the Nigerian
version, you are cursed!
It beats me that in this day and age- the 21st century- anyone can
still feel happy "enjoying" the fruits of a stolen vote. Only a
Nigerian, particularly of the PDP stock, would not shriek and fell bad
about stealing his people's voice; that is worst than armed robbery.
That's why crooks run Nigeria- from the presidency to the local
government councillors. Why on earth in this day and age of
technological advancement and "Electronic voting" even in Ghana and
Kenya recently can't Jega and his INEC fraudsters deploy Electronic
voting to end this nightmare of vote rigging and multiple thumb

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