Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Ubah stakes N5 million for anyone to debate him on Anambra

Labour Party candidate, Chief Ifeanyi Ubah has staked N5 million for
any man or woman in Anambra State with the knowledge of a more
qualified person to govern the state to come and debate him on it.
Ubah in an interview said that his gubernatorial bid is an act of
sacrifice as according to him he left a flourishing business to come
and serve his people. He dismissed as unnecessary innuendo assertions
that he lacks a paper qualification saying none of his rivals has a
Havard qualification as he has.
"I am winning because I am the best candidate, I am winning because I
have the solution to (the problems of) Anambra people," he said.
"Whoever in Anambra politics that feels that he is better than me I
challenge him with five million naira to come for a debate.
If anybody in Anambra be it Ngige, be it whoever thinks he is better
than me he should come. It's a challenge, if anybody is better than me
in any line, he should come and challenge me for a public debate," the
former boss of Capital Oil and Gas said.
"I want to tell you about other politicians that are contesting.
Some don't have any business with the masses, some have never been in
the state, some were forced, some will run to debate in America and
don't even know the name of their deputy governor.
You know it's a big crime for somebody to be in a debate and he will
not remember the name of his deputy governor it happened in America,"
Ubah said of the public outing between him and the APGA candidate,
Willi Obiano.
"He was confused that is the truth. It took him two minutes to
remember the deputy governor's name.
Is that the kind of person we want in Anambra State? Somebody who
doesn't understand how to fix Anambra, that is why I said anybody that
feels he's better than me should come for a debate," he said.

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