Friday, October 25, 2013

TRAGIC! Family wiped out as man, wife, only son, dog die in sleep

Tragedy has hit the industrial city of Aba, Abia State where a whole
family comprising a man, his wife and their only son as well as their
dog passed on in their sleep.
The tragic incident which happened last weekend shook the city and
sent tongues wagging on what could have led to the death of a complete
family in their sleep after going to bed the previous night all hale
and hearty.
Saturday Sungathered that the head of the household, Boniface Ejiagwu,
58, his wife Rebecca Ejiagwu, 50, and son Chukwudi Ejiagwu, 28, who
hailed from Ezi-Owelle Anambra State and lived in their family house
at No. 23 Onitsha road, Over Rail, Aba had in the morning of Saturday
last week, gone out for their normal daily businesses.
As usual, in the evening, they all came back to their house hale and
hearty. It was further gathered that after their return home, the
man's wife prepared food which they ate and after a while, went to
bed. That was their last meal on earth as the three members died in
their sleep same night. It was believed that their dog which also
died same night must have eaten from the same meal.
The irony of it all was that they died and nobody, not even their
neighbours got wind of their death until after four days when their
bodies had started decomposing and offensive odour began to ooze out
from their room.
It was then that neighbours on Wednesday, reported the incident to the
police who after coming to see things themselves, gave order on the
request of some family members that the corpses should be taken for
The question police detectives will need to find answer to is 'What
could be responsible for the death of the three family members in such
circumstance when they did not put on any generator before going to
bed as to say they died of generator fume?'
Nobody was ready to speak about the fate that befell this family while
the pressure of close relations on the police to have the corpses
released to them for burial without conducting autopsy was said to
have compounded the crisis.
There are however insinuations the deceased might have died of food
poisoning in their apartment which is commonly referred to as 'face me
I face you'.
The state police command public relations officer, PPRO, Geoffrey
Ogbonna could not be reached for comments but a senior police officer
who spoke on the condition of anonymity said they are suspecting the
deceased might have died of food poisoning.
"Nobody can say for sure now what killed them, that could have been
found out through autopsy but we are suspecting they may have died of
food poisoning", the police officer added.

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