Sunday, October 20, 2013

Gombe Pilgrims Flaunt Governor Dankwambo’s 2015 ElectionPosters In Saudi Arabia During Hajj

A cold war is brewing in Gombe State as pilgrims from the state have
been seen in Saudi Arabia during the Hajj campaigning for the
re-election of Governor Ibrahim Dankwambo in 2015.
A source said the pilgrims displayed the governor's posters in their
areas of residence in Makka and other parts of the Arabian country,
thereby angering many other Nigerian pilgrims especially from Northern
SaharaReporters could not get the Executive Secretary of the Gombe
State Muslim Pilgrims Welfare Board, Usman Gurama, on the phone from
our New York's office. B ut he was said not to have questioned the
rationale behind the action.
A Gombe indigene, Mohammed Garba, confirmed to SaharaReporters that
Gurama's position was aired on BBC Hausa this morning from Makka.
Garba said, "We heard Gurama justifying it and not coming out to make
a categorical statement against such nonsense. How can our pilgrims
behave in such disgraceful manner? Why other states didn't do so. But
I am not surprised; they did not go on pilgrimage but on Dankwambo's
pleasure trip. Most of them were sponsored by the governor."
Garba added, "One Abdulkadir Abdullahi from Gombe whom we know as the
governor's puppet even argued that there is nothing wrong, and that if
he has posters he will also display and post it during Hajj."
It would be recalled that, an Islamic cleric in the state, Sheik Isa
Pantami recently warned the governor against being fooled by political
According to Pantami, "Gombe State lawmakers, most of your
commissioners and other political appointees are making gigantic
evil-effort to mislead you by their utterances as well as their blind
loyalty not to your humble self as IBRAHIM, but to the office you
occupy and the State's resources you control as the executive governor
of the state. Be aware of sycophants. To them might is always right.
And they are always in support of any government in power. Their
principles, loyalty, commitment and integrity are "money and power.
"HE Dankwambo! I have been disturbed with the recent sycophancy of
people around you, including our lawmakers in this month of June, who
blindly, arrogantly, sentimentally and greedily endorsed your
re-election in 2015 on behalf of almost 2million people of our dear
Gombe State. Their action is nothing but an anathema not only to them,
but to the entire people of the State, Dankwabo inclusive. I had been
waiting for your response on that, but you remain silent, meaning you
have accepted their endorsement. Subhanallah! In addition to that,
their action is Un-Islamic, undemocratic and uncivilized. Be aware of
sycophants please. If your tenure ends, they will dump you in the
waste bin of history and surround your successor."

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