Friday, September 20, 2013

Two men caught with human head

Two men were on Friday in Ibadan paraded by the police for possessing
a decomposing human head. One of the men, Seyi Akinola, was arrested
in an ambush operation by the police while Ajitoni Ogundeji was named
by Akinola as his accomplice in the crime.
Ogundeji, who is a farmer and a hunter, was alleged to have
instructed Akinola to bring a human head to prepare a charm that would
protect him from gunshot.
Akinola, who is also a hunter, had complained to Ogundeji that he
experienced frequent robbery attacks on the road whenever he
While on hunting expedition at night about two weeks ago, Akinola
allegedly saw the corpse of a dead mad woman in a bush.
He later cut off the head and hid it on a tree to decompose.
Ten days later, he returned to pick the head at the place where he
kept it but unknown to him, the community had alerted the police after
discovering the head on the tree. After walking into the ambush, he
was arrested and taken to the police station at Ojoo area of Ibadan.
During questioning, he told the police that Ogundeji told him to bring
the head to prepare anti-bullet charm. While speaking to journalists
at the station, Akinola confessed to the crime.
"I was caught with a human head by the police on Friday morning. I
travelled a lot when I was working as a shepherd to a herd of cattle,
but there are incidences of robbery attacks on the road. I told
Ogundeji about it and he said he could do a charm for me against
gunshot if I could get a human head."

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