Monday, September 16, 2013

Expensive? Ronaldo and Bale fees nearly equal entire Barcelona squad

It irks to think that Ronaldo and Bale have jointly cost Real Madrida
figure close enough to buy the entire Barcelonasquad. It really irks.
La Ligais a two-horse race between Real Madrid and Barcelona. We all
know that. The mode of operation of both the clubs are completely
different. We also know that. Real Madrid is the world's most
glamorous club and are sitting cozy at the pinnacle of the money
league table since times immemorial. Yes, we do know that too.
Making record transfersare just part of their business. Its the way of
life at Spain's royal football club. In the last five years, they have
broken the world record transfer fees twice. Eclipsing figures one
after the other, the situation has reached a stage, where the money
spent on both Gareth Bale (current world record transfer holder) and
Cristiano Ronaldo(erstwhile world record transfer holder) combined is
nearly equivalent to the amount spent in order to assemble the entire
Barcelona squad.
The total money invested on acquiring Ronaldo and Bale is 195 million
Euros, which is only 25 million Euros less than the entire Blaugurana
squad. The current squad of Real Madrid is worth 533.5 Million Euros,
while in contrast, Barcelona have assembled their squad at 218.5
Million Euros, a figure that includes the high-profile transfer of
Neymarthis season. In other words, Madrid could have bought the entire
Barcelona squad, simply going by that stat.
This summer alone, the capital club have spent 181 million for players
like Carvajal, Casemiro, Isco, Illarramendi and Bale, although to be
fair to them, they have managed to recoup around 100 Million through
the sales of Albiol, Callejon, Ozil and Higuain.
In the last 10 years, Madrid have spent a sum total of 1100 Million
Euros, whereas Barcelona in comparison have slightly crossed the 600
Million Euros mark while doing the same. Feel free to interpret this
any way you feel, here…

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