Wednesday, August 28, 2013

VICIOUS: Man shoots friend 10 times in the head over plot to steal PlayStation (PICTURED)

Philadelphia police on Wednesday arrested a 19-year-old man accused of
ruthlessly pumping nearly a dozen shots into his friend's head after
the two had a spat over a plot to steal a PlayStation 3, police said.
Malik Anderson, 19, was angry that pal Daquan Crump, 19, had cut him
out of a share of the $60 he'd made selling a stolen video game
console after the two originally agreed to split the cash.
Construction workers found Crump's body at the former site of a
furniture store in northeast Philadelphia on Aug. 19.
Cops said Anderson lured Crump to the site, shot him in the back of
the head and then continued firing once his one-time pal was on the

"He stood over top of his longtime friend and fired nine more times,
shooting him in his head and killing him," Philadelphia Police
Homicide Cpt. James Clark told NBC.It was a "vicious and personal
attack," Clark said.
Cops believed Anderson acted alone.

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