Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Pastor’s boy finds his voice on BET

Up-and-coming artiste, Henry Orji, aka Henrisoul, counts his blessings
on his new video,Blow my Mind,writesAKEEM LASISI
Some years ago, he found himself in the recording studio as a
vocalist. A friend had invited him to help lend a voice to his song.
But, in the process, the producer discovered that he was very gifted -
perhaps more than the principal he was assisting. That was how the
producer developed interest in Henry Orji, to the point that he asked
him to 'try something'.
Since 2009 when the emerging act, whose stage name is Henrisoul,
recorded his first song,Gbagoroagbago,his profile has continued to
grow. While he has produced a few other numbers, he recorded what he
considered a major development in his career last week when the video
of his new single,Blow my Mind, was featured on the BET 106 and Park,
a popular music video programme on American cable and satellite
channel, Black Entertainment Television.
The artiste, who studied Estate Management at the Yaba College of
Technology (OND) Lagos, says he is still interested in further
education, though does not mean he has to shun his talent. Some of his
heroes are highlife legends, a factor that seems to have shaped the
pattern of the 'afro fusion' he sings.
"My songs entail highlife and reggae. One of my songs,Your
Loveactually comes in the highlife tradition. I like Osita highlife
becauseit has depth. I like Osadebey a lot. The same applies to Oliver
d' Coque because their songs are very rich and have elements one can
learn a lot from," he explains.
Apart fromGbagoroagbago, in which he featured gospel act Kenny Kore,
he releasedYour Lovein 2012. It is the video ofBlow my Mind, shot by
Clearence Peters, that is, however, currently blowing Henrisoul's
He says, "The video got to Youtube about two weeks ago. Within the
first week, it recorded 53, 000 hits. For an artiste just emerging,
getting such a number is an achievement."
He notes that his songs preach the need to appreciate what God has
done for him and his listeners connecting them.
"This means you have been blown away by what God has done. So, the
song is not just for a lady, as some people have interpreted it. What
I have realised is that all songs need not be about ladies. You can
sing something that is gospel in nature and still get commercial
values. You don't necessarily have to sing about girls. You can
celebrate God and still get people to follow you," he adds.
With his bright skin and relatively smooth face, Henrisoul is a young
guy many people will consider handsome. Now that he is into music, his
net is likely to be full with babes. He says he his not into any
relationship for now.
His words, "I am not dating anybody at present. I am taking my time.I
don't want to date just for the sake of dating. I want to be sure that
the person and I are getting somewhere."
Although based in Lagos, Henrisoul hails from Aburuike Isialagwa in
Abia State. He discovered his talent at age 12, as a member of the
choir of the Assembly Church of God, where his father is a pastor.
Henotes that his father has no cause to lose sleep over his exploits
in music.
He adds, "Daddy is not scared. He understands I don't take the kingdom
essence out of my music because I know where I am going."

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