Thursday, August 29, 2013

North Korean leader, Kim Jong-un, publicly executes ex-girlfriend

On August 8th, North Korean leader Kim Jong-un was in the audience to
applaud his ex-girlfriend Hyon Song- wol (right), a singer with the
Unhasu National Orchestra. 9 days later a group of artists were
arrested for allegedly making a sex tape. His ex was oneof them. They
were publicly executed by firing squad onAugust 20th, while their
families were condemned to a labor camp.
From Asia News
The North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un ordered the public execution of
his ex-girlfriend Hyon Song- wol, accused of 'pornography' with a
group of artists from the National Orchestra of Unhasu, which his
current wife Ri Sol -ju also once belonged to. The arrest took place
on August 17, the execution took place in public three days later.
According to the indictment the women filmed themselves having sex and
then sold the videos in China. Some South Korean sources claim that
there were many Christians among those sentenced to death who had a
Bible at home, a "crime" that you can pay for with your life or
imprisonment in a state gulag in North Korea.
Those shot to death include Mun Kyong -jin, director of the Unhasu
orchestra, some singers and dancers of Wangjaesan Light Music Band and
some army musicians. All family members of the women involved were
sentenced to forced labor. According to the Juche ( the delusional
state doctrine conceived by the " fatherof the nation " Kim Il -sung )
is not enough to punish those guilty of a crime, but it is necessary
to eradicatethe evil " for three generations . " Every year, on the
basis of this principle, thousands of children are born inlabor camps
and live there until their death.
The "Young Marshal " Kim Jong-un , the third son andheir of the "dear
leader" Kim Jong -il, met Hyon about ten years ago . After a brief
"official" relationship, the engagement was broken by the father of
the dictator and the singer was given in marriage to a military
man,while the "third Kim " met his present wife . According to
various sources, the two have continued to see each other even after
their marriages. The public execution is thus seen as a victory of the
"Companion" Ri, who gave two sons to the current dictator and wants to
ensure their survival in one of the most crueldynasties in today's
On 8 August, the dictator took part in a concert performed by the now
decimated orchestra. The execution is viewed by some analysts as a
sign of affirmation of his power: " Kim Jong-un is cruelly eliminating
anyone who might be a threat to his rule, anyone who can defy
authority. Public executions are silencing anyone who even thinks of
undermining him . "

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